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Brief: Use the process of Design Thinking to propose a future digital experience of communication. You will prototype, test and improve upon a single design concept via a cycle of iterative designs, culminating in a designed video proposal (simulated trailer) that shows your concept in action. 

The last few years we have seen a torrent of bad PR for the tech sector. Facebook’s recent Cambridge Analytica scandal and Mark Zuckerberg’s subsequent testimony to Congress demonstrate that data is a force impacting our lives. Users are unaware of their private data and how it’s being used and companies are lost and even reluctant when it comes to protecting consumers’ private data.

Data can change public discourse and potentially threaten the underlying structures of society. Unsurprisingly, governments are now tackling privacy laws. On May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation otherwise known as GDPR was enforced across Europe, impacting the rest of the world. Users now have the ability to download and retain a complete copy of their own data and it allows you to opt-out and withdraw your consent at any time.

We believe users should become more sensitised to the personal data they generate and realise that it’s an asset to be potentially bought and sold.

We have envisioned Mynd, an AI-powered app that collects your data from all the companies you subscribe to, and visualises it for user-friendliness, making it much easier to understand. Your data will be centrally stored in a singular, secure place enabling you to own and manage your data as you see fit.

We aim to partner with Monzo, a current and contemporary company that has redefined what banks should be. It has empowered young people to better manage their money, especially with the daily struggle with budgeting limited funds. Monzo is the street-smart bank for the smartphone generation, anchored by a brilliant app. They are all about visibility, control and ultimately responsibility.

Monzo users would know, it’s the feeling that: ‘With my old bank I never knew how much money I had at any point and then over the weekend I would blindly spend money. Then on Monday morning, all the charges would hit my account and I’d realise I had overspent and it caused me to stress and panic.’

It’s a feeling we want users to avoid when it comes to their data. Our group wants users to know that data is also a currency that they can control.

Potentially, with Monzo’s access to your spending habits and with your centralised data on Mynd, our app could advise you with daily things in your life. For example, my data would read that I’m usually in Soho on the weekends. Monzo’s data would know how much I can afford to spend this upcoming weekend. With Mynd’s AI Assistant, it then would suggest what I could do this weekend with my budget and book it for me.

It could even, book your flights, your hotel, help you plan your journey from where you’ll eat to the places you would want to visit. Mynd knows the genres and topics you’re interested in and could curate scheduled content for you to read, watch, or listen to on the way to work or before you go to bed. Mynd has unlimited capabilities.

Mynd would ultimately work with a range of other providers so that it can be an intelligent hub for your entire life.

Our app, Mynd, is for people who live their life on their mobile phone, that’s the primary unifying factor. So if you’re really glued to your phone, then it’s an app that would be designed in the same way that WhatsApp, Citymapper, Uber and Amazon are. It will give you real-time visibility and control. It will be one of those home-screen apps... you know, you have those five or six apps you use to live your life and Mynd will be one of those apps.

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