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Brief: In a team, select a contemporary fashion brand to research and analyse. Teams will work together to develop a creative brief based on shared research insights. The team will work over the following weeks to develop, pitch and produce an appropriate creative response to their brief.


The creative response could take the form of a printed publication, website, mobile app, 3D visualization or a combination of these or other outcomes. In addition to the creative response, each team will submit a single PDF document that includes:

1. A client brief that presents a background or context, communication challenge or opportunity for the brand, communication objectives and target audience (suggested max of 300 words).

2. A written and visual proposal for a response to the brief that articulates how the proposed response meets the communication objectives and also how it relates to the brand’s current communications. (suggested max 500 words)

3. An annotated record of concept and design development including visual experiments, design tests and exploration of processes, media and materials.

Chosen brand: Acne Studios

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