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Creative Brand Strategist


I am Nina Aragón – a creative brand strategist. I am passionate about experience and communication beyond intrusive advertising and sales promotions, which truly reward people by creating long-term value. On the various projects I've worked on, I leveraged right-brain and left-brain thinking to design and develop disruptive, holistic growth propositions for brands facing a very volatile landscape.

I grew up in 5 countries (which includes Japan and Switzerland). I'm a third-culture-kid exposed to a variety of cultures and with a hybrid persona: Asian ethnicity (Filipino dad), American outlook (American mom) and British-European sensibilities (schooled in London, England). As the eldest child of 5 siblings, I was literally thrust into a leadership role, becoming a conduit between them and our parents. This gives me a rare perspective when it comes to working with clients and getting to grips with their true objectives for campaigns, strategic brand development and communications strategy.

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